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Hi, I am Muriel Marie

I am an astrologer, artist, urban shaman, writer, and expert by experience. Our playing small does not serve the world. I love inspiring people to connect with their creative, unique essence, innate wisdom and soul's purpose. 


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Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe is conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.

~ Alan Watts

spiritual astrology 

As we live life and identify with our personality, we can get stuck in survival mode. There comes a moment when our inner essence and wisdom yearn to be liberated. I focus on spiritual astrology beyond the personality. I guide people to reconnect to deep truths they had forgotten to remember. 

(Artwork by Hilma af Klint)


What they say


New Brunswick, NJ, USA

I felt comforted right away by Muriel’s instruction to feel into what is being communicated, instead of trying to understand it all with my mind. This put me at ease. I learned so much about my intrinsic nature that I had never realized before. I also gained a deeper understanding of astrology, in general. The entire session felt very deep and gave me a better and new understanding of where I must go next on my path. I learned of the potential I had hoped for, but did not realize I actually possessed! Truly an eye-opening experience! 


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Muriel has a way with words. They resonated deeply in me. The session I had with her opened my eyes to look at myself from a different perspective.  

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Birth chart reading


incl. 21% VAT

First-time client? Step into the field of co-creation in which I will be guiding you to reconnect to your cosmic essence. I focus on your areas of healing, ancestral themes, and your soul's purpose. 

Astrology consultation


incl. 21% VAT

Want to dive deeper to know your Self? Astrology is a portal to ancient wisdom. The better you understand your rhythms and cycles or patterns, the more you can step into your flow.

Coaching per session


incl. 21% VAT

Looking for a sparring partner? Welcome! In an online 1-on-1, we'll shift together from head to heart and create a healing space for you to sort things out. (This rate applies for a minimum of 3 sessions).

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