How I work with astrology

It's all about you

Just curious about you and your life's processes? Or do you feel stuck?

As we live life and identify with our personality, we can get stuck in survival mode. There comes a moment when our inner essence and wisdom yearn to be liberated. I focus on spiritual astrology beyond the personality.

I guide people to reconnect to deep truths they had forgotten to remember. 

How I can guide you with astrology

  • What does my soul want to experience in this life?
  • What purpose and gifts are waiting for me to be unlocked?
  • What is blocking my fullest potential?
  • Do I live in alignment with my essence, inner wisdom and creativity?

These are some of the questions that you might have. I offer you a safe space, and no question is out of place.

Leonard cohen

There is a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

How I work as an astrologer

We engage in conversation based on your questions or focus. This initial conversation takes ± 1.5 hours (any follow-up session is 1 hour).

There are several ways to look at a horoscope.

I view astrology from the lens of the:

  • personality (psychological)
  • transpersonal and the collective
  • essential Self (life purpose, soul desire, authentic qualities ...)
  • ancestors (inheritance from ancestral lineage)
  • cosmos (universal consciousness, multi-dimensionality)

All layers take part. This does not mean every angle is covered, but this is the "range" we can touch, especially if you are aware.

What can you expect from a (first) consultation?

Unfortunately, an astrologer is not a person with all the answers. Yet, we can "see in time" by connecting trends and timelines. Mathematicians and physicists have studied planets, stars, positions, distances and orbits. Astrologers make use of this. So much for the scientific approach. 

Then the "magic" takes over: astrology is a living language of symbols, and I am a translator if you like. Leading is the moment and the energy that was there when you were born. These form a blueprint of who you are (in essence).


The two of us step into a co-creative field based on equality. You could see me as a conversation partner, and I take you along with themes that (possibly) play a role in your life.

Whether that is the case and how it works out is something only you know. I can shine a flashlight on possible blind spots. You provide the answers yourself; I only offer you the outline for your own insights. 

What I don't do

I don't make predictions. Nor do I give advice or suggest solutions. Furthermore, I do not make medical claims. If we talk about health-related topics, that does not take away from the fact that you always check your situation with a medical professional. Basically, I do not share personal stories or stories of others.

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Ready to dive into you? 

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