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I am an Amsterdam-based astrologer, urban shaman, artist, writer, and expert by experience. I love inspiring people to connect with their creative essence, innate wisdom and soul's purpose.

For part of the year, you'll find me in Lomé, Togo, West Africa.

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This reality often doesn't make sense, right? We live in a world that raises so many questions. The answers we seek are not of this world. We have to turn inward and connect with our essence to find what it is we're looking for. Or to discover that we'd better stop worrying and searching whatsoever.

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What clients say

I felt comforted right away by Muriel’s instruction to feel into what is being communicated, instead of trying to understand it all with my mind. This put me at ease. I learned so much about my intrinsic nature that I had never realized before. I also gained a deeper understanding of astrology, in general. The entire session felt very deep and gave me a better and new understanding of where I must go next on my path. I learned of the potential I had hoped for, but did not realize I actually possessed! Truly an eye-opening experience! 

Ruchi, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Muriel has a way with words. They resonated deeply in me. The session I had with her opened my eyes to look at myself from a different perspective.  

Shanti, Rotterdam, the netherlands

An eternal student of life

In a former lifetime I studied Law, Journalism and French and Spanish. I have been an astrologer in training since 2010. (Astrologers are eternal students!) I was educated as a spiritual astrologer by Dick van der Mark, Karin Kuijper, Charlotte Wenner, Saskia van Vliet and Lars Hermesdorf at Caelestis in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I have followed many workshops with George Bode, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, and Monique Leurink and, abroad, with Melanie Reinhart, Mark Jones (UK) and Andrew Smith (Ireland), Lee Harris and Sandra Ingerman (USA).

In 2020 I started my consulting practice.

I hold these certificates:

  • Astrologer at Caelestis School for Astrology, Awareness and Spirituality, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Advanced Astrology Certificate (first year) from Blue Rose School of Astrology, Dublin, Ireland
  • Certified Shamanistic Practitioner at Definest Institute, Almere, The Netherlands

I am a prospective member of the ASAS, Professional Astrologers Association, The Netherlands

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